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Most Popular VR Accessories

Oculus Quest Headset Cover - $19
Oculus Rift Headset Cover - $19
Oculus Rift S Headset Cover - $19
HTC Vive Headset Cover - $19
Valve Index Headset Cover - $19
Oculus Go Foam Cover Set - $29
HTC Vive Pro Headset Cover - $29
Samsung Odyssey WMD Headset Cover - $29
VR Headphone Protector Covers - $10


VR-Accessory is dedicated to the best and most essential VR accessories. Virtual reality is getting more popular every year and it blows more people’s minds away every day. I remember when I got my Oculus Rift CV1  back in 2017 as my first VR headset, I felt just like a kid again and had to contantly remind myself to take breaks. One thing I remember vividly however, are the dreaded red marks that stayed on my face after I took the headset off! “Is this going to happen everytime?” I asked. Fortunately for me, by the time I purchased my Rift there were several accessories and covers available. 

I purchased the first headset foam cover I’d heard about and prayed that it would remove or at least reduce the redness on my face after a session. After trying my first one from VR Cover I was converted, it made VR gaming SO much more comfortable for me. I never had much of an issue with sweat or moisture, but the comfort was definitely there and  there was no going back! 

I created this website in order to try and spread the word about VR accessories. They improved my VR experience so much and I feel like there are still a ton of people with headsets who are missing out just because they don’t know third-party accessories exist for VR yet!

What Types of VR Accessories Are There? Are They Really Necessary?

The most common VR accessories are covers and interfaces. These are seperate pieces you attach onto your headset for a number of benefits. The main reason people decide to get a third-party cover or foam interface is for the extra comfort, the materials are often much softer than those found on the original headset (depending on the headset, of course). The HTC Vive, for example, was widely regarded as being rather uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The third party covers and foams for the Vive really do make a world of difference!


Universal VR Headset Protector

Universal VR Headset Cover - $5
Universal VR Headset Cover - $5


Is it worth buying VR accessories?

If you’re a big VR gamer or you spend a lot of time in VR for work,  accessories are definitely worth buying!

What accessory is the most important?

There’s no real “essential” VR accessory, however the most popular and in our opinion the most useful is a replacement cover. Depending on your headset, the third-party covers can make your VR sessions so much more comfortable.

How can I protect my headset?

Protecting your headset from dust and other dirt is overlooked by so many VR gamers. You can pick up a universal VR cover that will protect your headset from dust for only $5 here.

Do accessories work with all headsets?

No! It is important to make sure that the accessory you buy is compatible with your VR headset. Even if the accessory is for the same brand. Most Oculus Rift accessories will not work for Oculus Quest and vice versa.

Accessory Reviews

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