What Is VR-Accessory?

​VR-Accessory is dedicated to finding the most essential and highly rated virtual-reality accessories, ranging from VR headset covers, peripherals, protectors and more! By sharing these products we hope that we can further improve your experence in virtual-reality, as well as ensuring your VR device gets the best care possible.

Not only can VR accessories improve your overall experience and comfort within the game, they can actually improve and lengthen the life of your VR devices. Using a foam replacement set, for example, will see your headset regain it’s cleanliness (if it’s dirty), as well as allowing you to wash and clean it whenever.

The standard foams and covers that come with most headsets are by no means bad, they are well manufactured and in most cases will provide adiquate performance. The issue is not build quality, it’s comfort. The Oculus Rift for example, while an amazing piece of kit, can get so darn uncomfortable after wearing the thing for more half an hour. I’ll often find myself cutting my VR gaming sessions short purely because my head is either itching or too hot. Third-party covers can really alleviate this, and that’s why we’ve created this website; to get the word about VR accessories out there!

We thank you for visiting our website, and hope that we can help significantly improve your virtual-reality experiences!