HTC Vive Accessories

The HTC Vive is the second most popular VR headset, boasting an impressive display which some deem better than the Rifts. The Vive is still a perfect choice in the world of VR, and although the structure and build is vastly different to other headsets, there is still a number of accessories and extras you can grab for your HTC Vive!

Many people found the Vive’s original cover to be uncomfortable, they waited almost a year for third-party manufacturers to come around and start selling different covers and foams. These third party covers are often regarded by most as being vasty superior and more comfortable to the original ones found in the Vive. We’ve listed some of the best ones below.

Best HTC Vive Headset Cover

HTC Vive VR Cover

Although the HTC Vive is built rather differently to other headsets, VR Cover have still made a wondeful cover for it. Available in three different colors, each cover has two layers of 100% cotton which help improve moisture absorption. Comfort wise, this cover is extremely soft and some people have even said it’s almost too soft. We recommend giving your VR cover at least a week to set in, by using it you’ll allow the foam to mould around your face and head structure. I personally found it much more comfortable compared to the Vive’s original cover (which I did not like at all!).

The cover is designed to fit over the original HTC Vive foam padding (both small & wide versions) and is attached with Velcro straps.

The HTC Vive VR Cover set contains:
2 HTC Vive VR Covers

Best HTC Vive Headstrap/Audiostrap

HTC Vive Deluxe Foam Audio Strap by VR Cover

The deluxe foam headstrap from VR Cover provides a much welcomed comfort boost while gaming in the HTC Vive. I’d argue that this accessory is more essential for comfort than the headset cover, the reason being is that that original headstrap on the Vive is rather lackluster in my opinion. There is very little foam or padding which can become very apparent after long gaming sessions! This deluxe headstrap instead features super soft memory foam which gently moulds against your head as you wear it (might take some time for the foam to ‘set in’). The outer material is made of the same PU leather found on most of VR Cover’s other products.

This headstrap is available in two foam sizes, the regular 10mm version and the 20mm version.  The 10mm one is supposed to give you a similar experience to the Vive’s stock foam, whilst the thicker 20mm variant is designed to give a tighter fit. This will be a personal preference decision and you’ll have to try and decide which foam size would fit your head better. If you’re unsure, we recommend going for the 20mm version as we found that one offered a lot more comfort!

The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Foam Replacement set contains:

1 x Foam Replacement

Best HTC Foam Replacement

HTC Vive Foam Replacement 14mm

The HTC Vive foam replacement from VR Cover is made from soft, durable PU leather and features many improvements over the Vive’s stock foam. Most notably of course, is comfort. This material used in this cover is also a hell of a lot easier to clean than the stock one, as the PU leather lets you easily wipe the headset clean which can be done in between sessions.

When combined with the deluxe headstrap above, these two accessories will make your Vive feel like a pillow in comparison to the original (especially with the thicker 20mm version!)

Now with an updated design allowing more space for glasses users to fit their frames inside the headset.

The HTC Vive Foam Replacement set contains:
2 x HTC Vive Foam Replacements

HTC Vive Foam Replacement 6mm

This foam cover is the same as the above one, the only difference being it is 6mm rather than 14mm. This is currently the thinnest foam cover offered for the Vive. You might be asking why someone would want less padding on their headset. This has the benefit of bringing your eyes closer to the lenses, thereby giving the effect of an increased field of view. Most users love this as it can give the feeling of increased presence and immersion in the game.

The HTC Vive Foam Replacement set contains:

2 HTC Vive Foam Pads