HTC Vive Deluxe Foam Audio Strap

The HTC Vive Deluxe audio strap from VR Cover is one of the best accessories for the Vive. It adds some much needed padding and protection against the back and sides of your head. It is very noticable while you are gaming in VR, considering the padding is almost non existant on the Vive’s original strap. You’ll also find the PU leather this accessory’s made from makes it super easy to wipe clean, helping to keep your HTC Vive in tip top condition!

This headstrap is available in two foam sizes, the regular 10mm version and the 20mm version.  The 10mm one is supposed to give you a similar experience to the Vive’s stock foam, whilst the thicker 20mm variant is designed to give a tighter fit. This will be a personal preference decision and you’ll have to try and decide which foam size would fit your head better. If you’re unsure, we recommend going for the 20mm version as we found that one offered a lot more comfort!

The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Foam Replacement set contains:

1 x Foam Replacement