Do You Need a Phone For The Oculus Quest?

The Oculus Quest is the first real standalone VR headset. There are no external cables, sensors, devices, etc. This is the main beauty of the Quest as it really lets you experience VR without the quirks that came with the Oculus Rift and previous headsets (such as getting caught on wires and sensor setup).

To begin, you do need a mobile device for the Oculus Quest. However you’ll only need it for the initial setup. After you’ve set up your headset with your phone or mobile device, you can use it standalone without the phone wherever you like. This headset has all it’s hardware built directly into it, requiring no external power.

The fact that the Oculus Quest tracks as well as it does without any external sensors is pretty amazing. If you’ve tried the Rift you’ll probably know that there are a lot of times where the sensors can mess up, especially when you are trying to do waist and below hand movements. I’ve noticed the tracking to be much better on the Quest, despite not requiring the sensors the Rift did. Together with the huge addition of wireless, it really made the Rift feel outdated even when not considering the Rift S.

Setting Up The Oculus Quest

Setting up the Oculus Quest is super easy. Once you first connect it your phone, it will guide you through a short tutorial which lets you add your account(s) and teaches you how the Oculus Guardian system works. You also get some tips on how basic movement and gestures work on the Oculus Quest.
The user interface on the Oculus Quest is very helpful and you can find out how to do most things simply by following the guides or reading the help section from within the software.

Is There Anything Required For The Oculus Quest?

The good news is there are no other requirements for the Oculus Quest. Once you’ve got the headset all setup you are able to play pretty much any VR game or software you like. That said, there are a number of accessories you can get for the Quest that will make your VR experience a lot more enjoyable! You can view our list of the best accessories we’d recommend for the Oculus Quest by clicking here.