Meta Quest Pro vs PICO 4

Although they serve different purposes, some people are still curious when it comes to pitching the Meta Quest Pro against the PICO 4. Thanks to Reddit user “/u/dilmerv” you can now view a pass-through comparison between the two headsets. Which one do you think looks better?

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s new high-end virtual reality headset. The headset features improved specs and features, such as a higher resolution display, a thinner and lighter design, and enhanced eye and face tracking.


The PICO 4 is a new virtual reality headset from PICO. The device features improved optics and a wider field of view compared to the Oculus Quest 2. The headset also offers improved comfort with a lightweight design and a self-adjusting head strap. The PICO 4 is also more affordable than the Meta Quest Pro, and will be released in more countries.