PICO PUI Version 5.2 Release

PICO PUI version 5.2 has been announced for release on November 18th. The following updates have been listed:

  1. Added “Lock Screen” function to protect user privacy;
  2. Added “Beginner’s Guide” application, this app helps you understand the basic operations of Pico OS to improve the new user experience;
  3. The overall performance of the PlayArea has been upgraded, and the screen effect and algorithm has been optimized;
  4. Improved battery life and optimized the power management strategy when using while charging;
  5. Optimized the color performance of the ColorSeeThrough;
  6. Optimized the network performance;
  7. Optimized the algorithm for hand tracking to improve the recognition accuracy;
  8. Fixed the problem of screen drift when using reclining mode;
  9. Fixed the issue that the speaker would have a sizzling sound when the battery is low;
  10. Increased the range of the audio volume to allow for a better listening experience;
  11. Fixed the problem of low frame rate when sliding the appstore page;
  12. Improved system performance and stability;