Should I Get A Quest 2 Or Wait For Meta Quest 3?

Many people are now wondering if it’s still worth buying an Oculus/Meta Quest 2 when there has been rumours of the Quest 3 on the horizon. We’ve put together a brief summary and our opinion on whether it’s worth buying the Quest 2 now or waiting. We hope it helps make your decision a bit easier!

Reasons To Buy The Oculus Quest 2

  • You have never used VR and want to try it out.
  • You already own a compatible device and accessories.
  • You are planning to play mostly Quest 2 and Oculus games.

Reasons To Wait For The Quest 3

  • You have already tried VR and know that you want a high-end device.
  • The new version will likely have improved specs and features which improve the VR experience.
  • You don’t mind dealing with some early adopter issues.

Conclusion – Buy Now Or Wait?

To summarise, we personally believe that waiting for the Quest 3 is worth it IF you have already tried VR and know what you are looking for in your VR headset. The new specs will likely beat the previous Quest 2 by quite a margin and, there may also be some games that start losing support on Quest 2 (this will take a long time though so don’t worry!).

We can’t decide for you, if you’re dead set on getting your first VR headset now then by all means go for the Quest 2! It is a great device and still the most popular VR headset today (see: What is the most popular VR headset?).