Top 5 Accessories for the Oculus Quest

Top 5 Oculus Quest Accessories
When I first tried the Oculus Quest I was so surprised how good an experience it offered despite not having sensors or any external power source. For mobile and household VR it really is one of the best options right now. Being able to pick it up and show VR games to your family & friends in a few seconds is such a joy compared to the cable management that existed with the previous headsets.
Even though the Oculus Quest offers a near-perfect portable VR experience out of the box, there are definitely a few accessories that’d we would recommend picking up if you get the chance!

1. VR Cover for Oculus Quest

VR Cover are one of the most well known brands when it comes to VR accessories. Many people were anticipating when they were going to release their covers for both the Oculus Quest and the Rift S. Fortunately now they’ve both been released and available to the purchase on their website.
One of my favorite things about VR Cover’s products is their light weight design. The cover feels really smooth against your face compared to the stock material on the Quest. You also get two covers in a pack so you’re able to swap between the two and clean them easily in between sessions. I found this cover very easy to wipe clean when it required it, just use a soft cloth or antibacterial wipe!

2. AMVR Touch Controller Grips

I’m probably going to get some flack for this one, but I’ve always preffered the AMVR controller grips to the Mamut VR ones. By no means are the Mamut grips bad, I just feel as though these AMVR ones offer more a more textured surface which I largely prefer. Especially for shooters, these controller grips feel absolutely amazing when you’re holding a firearm in VR.
It’s funny to think how much a simple thing like the grip of a controller can make while you are gaming in virtual reality. Having some texture against your fingers feels so much better than the smooth surface of the controller. If like me, and you have issues with your Touch controllers getting a bit sweaty after long sessions, you will appreciate these grips even more!

3. Oculus Quest In-Ear Headphones

We debated putting these on here, as a lot of you probably already own a pair or have tried them. However I did know a few people who had the Oculus Quest and didn’t know about these. While I must admit they are expensive, they offer an audio solution which you can’t really find with much other third-party headphones. The sound quality is great, with good highs & mids and a bass that feel punchy but not too rough.

These headphones come with 3 styles of ear padding, you’ll have to experiment with these yourself to see which pair fit your ears best. I personally found the medium sized padding to feel the comfiest while still offering good outside sound reduction.

Overall these are a solid choice of headphones for the Oculus Quest. While they may not be top-grade when inspected by a true audiophile, for VR purposes they do a more than adequate job and provide a nice matching audio accessory for your headset!


4. Foam Headstrap Padding

If comfort is your main requirement when in VR, consider this foam headstrap by VR Cover a must-have accessory! This foam padding attaches onto the back of the Oculus Quest, right where the strap meets the top/back section of your head. This is the area of your head which is usually holding the most pressure from your headset.

Using this foam headstrap will give you some much needed extra cushioning against your head while you’re wearing your headset. There are two foam sizes to choose from (10 and 17mm), and depending on your personal prefence you’ll want to choose the one which sounds the best for the size/shape of your head. I personally prefer the 17mm version as who doesn’t want extra padding right?! It might not be such a good idea if you have a very large head though!

5. Oculus Quest Travel Kit

This accessory won’t be for everyone. Depending on how you use your VR headset, you might not need a travel kit at all. If you like to bring your headset around your friends house on the other hand, this travel kit is an essential bit of kit! The headset fits snugly into the case and the controllers are placed in a crossroads style fitting beside the headset.
Made by Oculus specifically for the Oculus Quest, this travel case is made of premium materials and designed to fit the Quest headset and controllers compactly and presentably. As good as this case is, there’s no denying it’s high price tag can be quite off-putting. We’d recommend trying to find it on a sale if you can. If it’s out of your price range there are some other cases you can pick up that will fit the Oculus Quest and Touch controllers such as this Hard Case by Electronic Game.