Valve Index Sees Popularity Boost From Latest Steam Hardware Survey

The Valve Index ownership has grown on Steam by 20%, according to the latest Steam hardware survey results. The total ownership has gone from 0.5% of users to 0.6. It still may not sound like much when compared to the Oculus headsets, however it’s quickly catching up to the WMR headsets already. The popularity of the Index is expected to keep growing throughout this year too, it will be interesting to see the Steam hardware survey results at the end of the year!

This data should be considered an estimate and may not be fully accurate, the Steam hardware survey is often buggy and refuses to detect VR headsets on some systems (including mine!). I’d expect the real numbers are slightly higher if anything. The fact that your headset needs to be plugged in and turned on while you are doing the hardware survey makes me think that a lot of VR headsets owners will be excluded sadly.

Here you can see the actual hardware survey results. The Index is the orange one in the top-right corner. Coming in at 6.65% out of the total VR headsets.

The Index is definitely becoming a popular option for those both new and already experienced in VR. The fact that it’s developed by Valve and not Oculus/Facebook makes the headset much more enticing to a lot of people I feel. Recently the Index has been out of stock on Steam a lot too, whether that’s a good sign or not I’m not entirely sure! It’s clear there has been an increase in demand for the it, but lets hope Valve keep on top of production and are able to keep up with supply! I know quite a few people who are waiting for the Index to get back in stock now.