What Is The Most Popular VR Headset?

Oculus Quest 2

The most popular VR headset is the Oculus Quest 2. The Quest 2 has been the best-selling VR headset since it was released in 2020. The Quest 2 is an affordable, standalone device that requires no physical tether to the computer or phones. It offers a highly immersive virtual reality experience.

HTC Vive

Second in popularity is the HTC Vive. It offers a more immersive experience with better 3D sound and more responsive controls. However, the HTC Vive must be connected to a computer via a USB cable.

Valve Index

The third most popular VR headset is the Valve Index. It offers the most immersion with its high resolution visuals, immersive 3D sound, and high quality controllers. However, it is costly and requires a powerful computer to run it.