Oculus Go Accessories

The Oculus Go is Oculus’ turn at the portable side of VR, and they haven’t disappointed. The Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset is a standalone, mobile VR headset that allows you to experience VR in all the right ways – from first person shooters to exploration games, to your favourite Netflix series, and so much more!

If you’ve never experienced virtual reality before and are looking to get onboard, the Oculus Go is a perfect contender for the VR beginner. It’s ease of use and standalone capabilities make it one of the most affordable and accessible ways to experience VR right now.

Best Oculus Go Headset Covers

VR Cover Interface & Foam Replacement

The Oculus Go is already known for being one of the most comfortable VR headsets. The VR Cover foam & interface replacement takes this comfort to the next level by including an extra large surface area – this reduces the pressure on your face and minimizes red marks around your eyes.

For the outer surface, high-quality PU leather material is used that is both soft on the skin and easy to clean with multipurpose antibacterial wipes.

Accessory Includes:
1 x PU Leather Foam Interface (black)

Best Oculus Go Headstrap

Oculus Go Headstrap Replacement From VR Cover

The Oculus Go headstrap replacement from VR Cover is one of the few accessories available for the Go. The headstrap is made from PU leather and an extremely soft elastic material which allows it to slide over your head with ease. This accessory is designed to make your VR sessions on the Oculus Go that much more comfortable, and will also let you clean your headset easier thanks to the smooth PU leather texture. Although the Oculus Go is comfortable on it’s own, the extra elasticity from this headstrap does make it fit certain head shapes easier. The headstrap can also be purchased in 2 adjustment lengths.

Standard: adjusts between 52 and 62 cm in length or approximately 20 and 24 inches (similar in size to the original straps)
Medium: adjusts between 48 and 55 cm in length or approximately 19 and 22 inches (smaller than the original straps)

The Head Strap Replacement set contains:

1 x Head Strap Replacement