Oculus Quest Accessories

Oculus Quest is rated by many as the best standalone VR system out right now. It’s a brilliant piece of kit, however it suffers some of the same problems as the Oculus Rift and Rift S. Fortunately, many of these can be fixed or alleviated by using various accessories for the Quest headset. The best one by far and the one we recommend the most is the VR cover. Not only does it provide you with a more comfortable experience while playing, many people have noted that it made the headset fit on their head much better due to the extra padding width.

Best Oculus Quest Headset Cover

Oculus Quest VR Cover Original

The original VR Cover brand was the first VR cover I tried for my original Oculus Rift back in 2017. It’s held up to this day and it’s always kept it’s place as the most comfortable cover I’ve tried. Like the original Rift casing, it can catch dust particles rather easily, however the materials used in this product make for a much easier time when cleaning. The VR cover has largely remained unchanged since it’s original release, keeping it’s sleek and comfortable design. Many users regard this piece as an essential VR accessory – especially if you’re a VR gamer that likes to play for longer periods of time!

Installation is straightforward, thanks to a unique hook and strap system. The built-in elastic straps and hook fasten onto the back of the interface, assuring a secure fit even during active gaming. Each set contains 2 machine-washable covers. Swap one out for the other and get a clean headset every time.

Best Oculus Quest Headstrap

VR Cover Headstrap Foam Pad

The headstrap foam pad from VR Cover is another great choice if you’re looking for that extra comfort while you’re playing. Some people might say the headstrap foam isn’t necessary if you already have a comfortable cover installed – it really comes down to personal preference and how well your headset fits your head. For those with a larger than average head, you might find the extra padding from the VR cover headstrap really comfortable in longer VR gaming sessions.

On the flip side, those with smaller size heads might find this accessory to be a game changer as well. If your headset regulary slips off or feels a bit loose on your head, the headgrip padding should make for a much easier fit. With a few adjustments you should be able to get the perfect amount of comfort for your head. No more red marks around your eyebrows and cheeks! (Hopefully!)

Best Oculus Quest Interface & Foam

VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set

For those who are looking for the ultimate VR experience, you can even get replacement frames and foams for the Oculus Quest. Sometimes the original foam or interface becomes damaged and needs replacing, some people just like to upgrade to a better foam straight away. Once again it comes down to personal preference, if you don’t have any issues with your current headset it’s reasonable to say this is not an essential accessory.

If your interface has broken or your foam is damaged on the other hand, VR Cover’s basic replacement set is a perfect choice and will do everything you need it to whilst providing superior comfort to the Oculus Quest’s stock foam.

The Basic Set includes:
1 x Facial Interface (black)
1 x PU Leather Foam Replacement (standard)
1 x PU Leather Foam Replacement (comfort)