Oculus Quest Foam Headstrap Padding

This foam headstrap padding for the Oculus Quest by VR Cover is perfect for those who need an extra bit of padding/support at the back of their head. This accessory come in two padding sizes, 10mm and 17mm. Depending on your head shape you should choose accordingly; if you have a large head or a lot of hair we recommend you get the 10mm version. If your head shape is on the smaller size it may be a good idea to go for the 17mm version. The extra padding allows the headset to fit onto your head better, gives more comfort, and makes it less likely to slip down while you’re gaming.

This is one of my personal favorite accessories for the Oculus Quest. I bought it shortly after I tried the cover and the two accessories compliment each other really nicely. You’ve got the extra support/fitting at the front of your face, and the extra cushion-like padding at the back. I can imagine with the replacement interface & foam too it would feel absolutely amazing! That said, I would probably recommend this headstrap over the interface if you only have one option. It’s cheaper and I feel as though you’re more likely to notice it while you’re actually gaming in VR.

This accessory can be easily cleaned by wiping down the PU leather outer surface. Convenient, hygienic and comfortable, it’s a great accessory for your Oculus Quest.

The Head Strap Foam Pad set contains:

1 x Foam Pad