Oculus Rift Sensor & Controller Wall Mount

The Oculus Rift wall mount set from AMVR is a wonderful piece of kit. With it, you’re able to mount your sensors anywhere on your wall. This allows for much better tracking since the sensors can be higher up. This is especially handy if you have more than 2 sensors, since it can be difficult finding space for all 3 in your room. There’s also mounts for your Touch controllers and headset included, once installed you’ll be able to conveniently hang your Oculus Rift heatset and controllers on your wall, in true VR style!

  • Specially designed for your Oculus Touch controllers, headset and sensors to be mounted on the wall conveniently. No more tripping over that wire!
  • Allows you to save space and makes your VR setup look extremely neat.
  • There are 2 ways to install this accessory: It can be glued to the wall
    with a 3M sticker or it can be mounted to the wall with the screws supplied. The back
    of the product has the sticker on it, so you’ll be able to choose which installation method is best for you.