Oculus Rift S VR Cover

It’s finally here. If you’ve owned a Rift S for a while and heard about VR Cover, you’ve probably been waiting for them to release the Rift S version. It’s here at long last and does not disappoint!

Made of the same supersoft material as their other headset covers, this accessory will let you get some much needed extra comfort while you’re VR gaming. The Rift S features a very similar facial interface to the original Rift, so the cover installation remains the same and is super easy to attach and remove. There’s two covers included too, so you can swap them out when necessary for easy cleaning.

When I started to do longer VR sessions on my Rift S I would notice the red marks on my face every time I took the headset off. I’ve had this issue with other VR headsets but I noticed it was especially bad with the Rift S for some reason. I waited for quite some time until VR Cover finally released their version for the Rift S! I loved their cover for the original Rift so I knew I’d like it, it feels like they’ve slightly upgraded the build quality as well.

If you’re a Rift S user and looking for the extra comfort and hygeine, we would fully recommend trying this awesome accessory from VR Cover! Compared to the stock cover the difference is night and day, and you won’t want to go back to using your Rift without it.

The set includes:
2 x VR Cover for Oculus Rift S