PSVR Aim Controller

The Aim Controller for PSVR is one of the more luxury accessories for the headset. Although it has been available since 2017, there is still a limited number of games that support it. This is a shame, however there is still a few games that work brilliantly with the Aim controllers. Arizona Sunshine, DOOM and ChromeGun VR to name a few. The Aim really does enhance the shooting experience in these games, and it will be great if support is expanded for future PSVR releases!

Ergonomics & Feel

The Aim controller is light-weight, slim and feels great in the hand. The grey coloring also matches the PSVR headset. The contoller doesn’t resemble a real firearm much, however it’s not really designed to since there are so many gun variations and types you handle in VR games. It would feel odd if you were handling a rifle in game but the controller was shaped like a pistol, for example.

The trigger on the Aim controller has a slight resistance when you pull it too, enhancing the gunplay in many ways when compared to the Move controller’s soft T button.

What Games Work With The Aim Controller?

Aim Controller Summary

The Aim controller is definitely not an essential accessory, however for those who love first person shooters in VR it does offer a much needed improvement over the Move controller. We’d recommend trying to wait for a sale if you’re interested in picking this accessory up. You can often find it in game bundles too, so be sure to check those before you buy a standalone controller. I’ve seen it work out cheaper in bundles at times, and the controller regularly goes on sale throughout the year.

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