Move Controllers For PSVR

The Move Controllers are regarded my most as the best accessory and peripheral you can get for the PSVR. In fact they might as well be considered as the official controllers for the PSVR, since they are the only multi hand controllers available. They are sometimes included in bundles, however you may have purchased your PSVR headset seperately. If you still haven’t tried the Move controllers in VR yet, they are sure to put a smile on your face. Since they add so much depth compared to playing with a standard controller, they really enhance the VR experience!

By now most PSVR games are fully compatible with the Move controllers too, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to use them in your favourite games!

And of course to finish it all off… Beat Saber. If you haven’t played this VR game yet you are undoubtedly missing out! It is my personal favourite PSVR game and it is only playable with the Move controllers. The game features two lightsabers, each gribbed in your hands and controlled by the Move, whilst you swing and slice your way through a rhythm-packed level (with real songs!).

It may sound silly, but I would recommend the Move controller for PSVR purely to experience the masterpiece that is Beat Saber. It’s my most played VR game and I know that statistic is shared among most of the VR community!!

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