Samsung Odyssey Accessories

The Samsung Odyssey is one of the more popular WMR headsets. Having been around since 2017, there is plenty of accessories to customize and improve your headset. Like most other VR headsets, the Odyssey suffers from the same comfort and hygiene issues after prolonged use. Using seperate covers and pads can help make your headset easier to clean, especially if you have 2 sets to alternate between.

Best Samsung Odyssey Foam Cover

Samsung Odyssey Velour Foam – VR Cover

The velour foam replacement is one of those offered by VR Cover. We rank this one higher than their PU foam found on the Odyssey Plus version. The velour material personally feels much more comfortable to me and other people I’ve asked, the material also doesn’t let sweat build up like the leather ones do. Keeping a simular fov to the original, this velour foam padding is sure to improve the comfort while you’re wearing your Samsung Odyssey headset.

Easy to attach and remove, the foam replacements can be machine-washed when necessary.

This foam replacement is not compatible with the Odyssey Plus. Please click here for the Samsung Odyssey Plus version.