Samsung Odyssey+ Accessories

The Samsung Odyssey+ is an upgrade to it’s predecessor in pretty much every aspect. One of the main features being it’s updated AMOLED display which allows for more pristine, realistic VR graphics. The comfort has also been improved, some people may say an external cover or padding isn’t required on this heatset, but if you’re used to using them on other headsets you’re going to want one on your Odyssey+ too!

Best Samsung Odyssey+ Foam

VR Cover Samsung Odyssey+ PU Leather Foam

For those looking for more comfort from their Samsung Odyssey Plus, VR Cover’s foam replacement provides 24mm of supersoft PU leather foam. This material and extra padding provide much more comfort when compared to the stock foam, they are also easier to clean (you get 2 sets too, so it’s easy to manage cleaning them). The PU leather was designed to prevent discomfort and light leakage that was reported by users of the original foam.

Each set contains:
2 x Samsung Odyssey Plus PU Leather Foam Replacements