Valve Index Accessories

The Valve Index is Valve’s official VR system. Regarded as one of the best and most high-end VR headsets currently available. The trade off is that you need a very powerful PC to run it well. The Valve index is known for it’s spectacular image and sound quality, a wider FOV, as well as finger-tracking capability thanks to the Valve knuckle controllers. Together, these features add an entire new level of VR immersion not experienced on other headsets.

Being one of the top headsets available right now, the Index has no shortage of useful and convenient accessories. Let’s start with the covers:

Best Valve Index Headset Cover

Valve Index VR Cover

Keeping their golden throne in the VR accessories department, VR Cover offers one of the best foam covers available for the Valve Index. Using the same top-quality material found on their over headset covers, this Valve Index accessory will keep your headset safe from moisture as well as increasing it’s comfort ten fold. The difference between these covers and the stock ones really are night and day, once you’ve tried one you will find it hard to go back to using a standard unmodified VR headset!

This cover is mounted over the Index’ original foam, installation is super easy thanks to the elastic straps. Each set has 2 machine-washable pieces, so you can start every SteamVR game with a clean cover or swap it out during multi-user sessions.

The set includes:
2 x Valve Index VR Cover

Best Valve Index Interface & Foam

VR Cover Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Set

The VR Cover basic kit for the Valve Index includes everything you need to replace and improve your headset’s interface and foam. Offering improved padding, materials and fitting adjustments, this replacement interface from VR cover is an essential accessory for those of you looking to bring your Valve Index to the next level.

It is designed to fully replace the headset’s original face gasket while offering multiple improvements. You will experience much less moisture and drippage using this interface compared to the stock one, and you may also find it allows the Index to fit better on your head thanks to the extra padding.

To install, just affix the foam padding and wedges to our facial interface and attach it to the headset.

The Basic Set includes:
1 x Facial Interface
1 x PU Leather Memory Foam Replacement (Standard)
1 x PU Leather Memory Foam Replacement (Comfort)
2 x side wedges