Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Set by VR Cover

The Valve Index is one of, if not the most powerful VR headset right now. If you already own one,, VR Cover have designed this fantastic interface accessory for it. Replacing the original foam and interface found on the Index, it will make you headset feel so much better to wear. Especially in long VR sessions, you will find it really helps with reducing those red marks around your eyes!

This facial interface can be cleaned super easily thanks to the PU leather material VR Cover has used on the outside of the foam. Simply wipe it down with a cloth or anti-bacterial wipe! If you’re big into fitness VR games, this is an essential accessory as it really helps deal with those sweaty workout sessions! You’ll get two foams in this set, a standard and comfort one. I personally prefer the comfort one as it’s not only softer with more padding, it feels like it’s slightly easier to clean than the standard one.

This accessory can be installed easily by affixing the foam padding onto the facial interface, and then attaching that to the headset. You can view the full instructions on VR Cover’s website.

The Basic Set includes:

1 x Facial Interface
1 x PU Leather Memory Foam Replacement (Standard)
1 x PU Leather Memory Foam Replacement (Comfort)
2 x side wedges

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